Thank you and Congratulations on your purchase!


First things first, check that you have everything included in your kit. Parts listed below are per board, if you have ordered a kit for two boards you will have two of everything listed below.

  1. Main Control Unit with Cover
  2. Wiring Harness
  3. RGB LED Matrix Display
  4. Buttons (Quantity 4)
  5. Fasteners

Additional Materials and Tools Needed

Before we get started, take time to gather the things listed below.

  1. Cornhole Board – (visit for instructions to build your own, or purchase one from us)
  2. Phillips Screwdriver
  3. Drill and Drill Bits
  4. Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  5. Power Source (See Power Requirements for more information)

Best Practices

This kit is not a complete turnkey solution.  You will need to fabricate or modify your game boards to accommodate the electronics provided in this kit.  Here are a few guidelines that will help you succeed.

  1. Double check all of your connections and make sure all of your wires are landed in the correct locations BEFORE connecting anything to power.
  2. Securely mount your screen and controller as cornhole bags will be flying through the air and possibly kitting your electronics.
  3. Lay out your kit in a way that the screen and buttons are accessible and visible to the players.